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If you are fed up of sloping sales at your restaurant then you need to be busy. If you have less money coming in then you won’t want to spend a lot on a big ad campaign. It is too expensive for an independent restaurant. If you have complete confidence in the quality of your food and the attention of your staff then maybe you need to do something different to get noticed. You can use a promotional ad as a start and then dream up some fun, inexpensive ideas.

If your demographic that you are after belongs to the youngest population set then you can do some fun things that will appeal to them and moms. One idea is to have a small children’s area located in a safe place. Very visible and close to mother’s table. You could even have a table that chimes the kids reserved for families with small children. That way mothers can sit and chat while the children are playing. It can be like a fast food play area only fancier and smaller. Same idea. Keep the kids busy and close so mom can hand out in a nice place.

You must have company t-shirts for sale at your place.

If you have a cute restaurant then you need to have some equally cute promotional products to offer people. If people like your place, they’ll want to wear a shirt. You can have certain nights of the week on which to wear promotional items. If someone comes in wearing one of your shirts, or a hat then they get a free dessert with the meal. Give time constraints too so people arrive early for this.

Your next step to getting a new business might be getting a new look.

You don’t have to be crazy or anything, just a few things to make it look fresh. If your draft is tired or you don’t really have it then you can work on it. Make sure your exterior looks inviting and clean. Plants, herbs, and flowers will go a long way in making the exterior of your business look very attractive. Go with native plants and water wise for the easiest and least expensive maintenance.

If you have all of the ideas taken care of then maybe it’s time to reach out to the community. Good deeds create good publicity. You can open up your space for ward meetings. You can toy and drive food around the holidays too. You can sponsor a neighborhood clean-up day and arrange for people to come out and pick up the trash, if they put on your shirt and hat then you’ll get some good publicity too.

Food And Gaming Blocs In Mumbai

The proliferation of mobile food outlets in Mumbai has led to a concentration of cafes, snack bars, bakeries and fast food outlets within the city’s posh and commercial areas. In fact, Mumbai is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive dining and drinking establishments, which are available not only to locals but to visitors as well. Such eateries have a special clientele who flock in by the millions each year, and for this reason Mumbai has a flourishing, fast food sector. Most of these outlets are clustered around major traffic arteries like M.G. Road and Banjara Lake in central Mumbai.


These eating joints often come up with fancy names, but they serve the same purpose, which is to bring food and gambling to every doorstep in Mumbai. There is no dearth of these outlets, and their numbers have been on the rise in recent years, as have the eating habits of the city’s middle class. The proliferation of these outlets selling unhealthy products cluster at key arterial streets. These clusters form an important portion of the Mumbai’s retail food market. You will find all sorts of junk food outlets selling everything from chips and fries to burgers and pizzas crowding the avenues that surround these arterial roads.


Further than this, clusters of outlets selling food and gambling also proliferate at railway stations and bus depots. This is because people working at these places earn enough money that they need to purchase food and other commodities along with their lodging. Hence the sellers of fast food, liquor, cigarettes and other consumables move in together with the commuters, who use these stations to catch a quick bite to eat. There are many such examples of co-location of food and gambling that you can find in Mumbai. Feel free to check out to know more info.

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Opening a restaurant … Basic restaurant equipment and equipment Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:16:29 +0000 Read moreOpening a restaurant … Basic restaurant equipment and equipment]]> The restaurant business is a very promising industry that you can enter. You can try it, if you have basic restaurant skills and supplies.

Getting into the restaurant business is definitely one of the best decisions you will ever have. People with a passion for cooking and have taken culinary courses or cooking lessons can definitely make it a career path. But to run a business successfully, apart from good cooking skills, you need the best restaurant supplies as well as management skills.

Restaurant Equipment List

Requirements must be decided prior to the commencement of any project. The budget will also be a big constraint. But if you have an army of highly skilled chefs and high quality kitchen equipment, you will still be able to successfully run your restaurant business. Even if the basics are really well planned, the restaurant will have more opportunities to do better.

For example, cold storage options and other appropriate storage facilities will be required. There should be sufficient cooling capacity and top notch quality freezer. Lack of it could lead to mass breakdown of food which will spell big loss for you. The amount of food served at your restaurant, the type of recipe prepared, the total crowd for each day at the restaurant, will determine the restaurant’s inventory count.

It is also important to consider the amount of space required. If the hotel is too small to accommodate all this equipment, then it’s better to buy lower-quality, high-quality goods. You will have no other alternative but to work in tight spaces, if you don’t. There will not be enough room for workers to work.

Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Restaurant

The practical market is full of many high-quality, stand-alone equipment that are affordable. The most important restaurant supplies include ovens and stoves. Depending on space availability plus needs, the oven model and design can be selected. Convection ovens are used in many places. Those with limited space in their kitchen can choose an oven that acts as a normal oven and a convection oven. There should also be sufficient space for the burners and broilers. Steam tables are also available in some hotels. This will keep the food at a hot temperature for a long period of time.

Keeping the kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is a very wise decision. This will help you greatly in speeding up the work in your kitchen and generally making it capable of fulfilling larger projects. It is a trend among restaurants to use walk-in refrigerators. The pots and pans are just as important. They should especially be placed at the top of your list of needs. Stockpots of various sizes (from 4 to 25 quarts) and capacities need to be stored in the kitchen. It will also help, if you have a variety of sizes for sauté-pans, sauce pans, dutch ovens, and pans to accommodate all kinds of dishes you are preparing. No less important is the loaf pan and baking dish. You should also have food weighing scales, spoons, forks and other cutlery, juicer, peeler, cutting board, knife, spinner, can opener, grater and zester.

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How to Choose the Best Restaurant Consultant Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:15:51 +0000 Read moreHow to Choose the Best Restaurant Consultant]]> Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group has successfully advised and supported more than one hundred restaurant companies over the past 30 years.

The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses to break into and most restaurants face closure in their first year of operation. Unsuitable location or inadequate understanding of the demographics of targeted clients are some of the reasons restaurants are closing. Others suffer from poor service or a mismatch between their menu and local tastes.

Hiring a Restaurant Consultant

Whether you’re looking to sell pizza, open a franchise, or open a trendy restaurant, the best method to ensure that you don’t repeat someone else’s mistakes is to seek advice from a professional restaurant or hotel consulting firm. Professional consultants are more cost-effective than the trial-and-error risk of developing your restaurant concept.
A restaurant consultant can work with you on everything from concept development, financial performance enhancement, decorating, demographics and food development. They can also help you run your business effectively and profitably. Before choosing a restaurant consultancy, let’s take a look at the different types of consultants available.

You can choose a full-service hospitality consulting firm, which should be able to help with every aspect you need. Optionally, a restaurant consulting firm specializes in specific areas and disciplines, such as design, real estate, accounting, operations and litigation. Regardless of the type of consultant you choose, the selection process does not vary.

Looking for a Hotel Consultant?

Before starting your search for an effective hotel consultant, make a comprehensive list of the areas where you may have problems or need advice. For starters, you may want a consultant to create your business plan. Based on the list, decide whether to seek a full service or a specialized consultant.

Start the initial search with the aim of finding a qualified consultant to assess your problem. Identify more than one restaurant consultant. You can also use references from your business colleagues. Look at the consultants they have used in similar situations and are effective.

Discuss the project with the three best consultants you can find in your area. Discuss the project with them to identify who is best suited to address your problem area. You should also analyze proposals: Review the proposals of each of the three analysts. Get back to them if you have questions. You should also check their customer references and reviews.

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Picking Steam Table Pans for Your Restaurant Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:12:59 +0000 Read morePicking Steam Table Pans for Your Restaurant]]> Equipping a restaurant with quality Steam Table Pans is a major undertaking that many aspiring restaurant owners and restaurant directors can overlook. Steam table pans can seem like a basic implement in a restaurant that, in the challenging organizational process of equipping a restaurant kitchen, a restaurant can find themselves scrambling to find options at the last minute. This article is devoted to steam table pans, and how to quickly and easily find a set that will best meet your restaurant’s serving needs.

When choosing a new wok set, the absolute first step is to determine your sizing needs. All pot sizes come from industry standard “full-size” table pans. A full-size frying pan will fill one hole in the steam table completely, while all other pot sizes are full-size shards. A 1/2 size pan, for example, refers to a skillet that is exactly 1/2 the size of a full-sized skillet; while a 1/6 pan represents a skillet that is one-sixth the size of a full-size skillet. Broken pans can be placed next to each other to fill the full holes of the steam table. Understanding these pan size options, you should carefully consider what food and how much of each meal you plan to serve, and then the steam table section accordingly. If you plan to have a small amount of olives on the side, for example, it won’t help to have a full-size or even a half-sized skillet. For the small side, you may want to use something as small as a 1/9 skillet.

However, there are other factors at play when considering size.

The depth of the pan is also important to consider in advance. Most pans come in one of three depth measurements: 2 1/2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. A 1/9 size pan, however, only comes in 2 1/2 inches and 4 inches deep. Deeper pans, of course, allow for better table space efficiency by making use of vertical space, but they are not suitable for every type of food or serving situation. Consider options in depth when shopping for woks, and when developing your steam table layout, so that you can take advantage of the potentially limited space.

After determining your size requirements, you should next think about the resistance of the pan you need. While all industry standard pans are constructed from stainless steel, there are actually a number of different thicknesses of steel, measured by gauge. Most pans fall into two gauge types, 22 gauge heavy duty pans and 24 gauge standard pans. Heavier gauge pans are ideal for higher heat and heavier uses, but not all restaurants will need such a heavy duty pan.

Supply of Steam Pan

When shopping for woks, you may also want to consider buying fake bottoms for them, which are designed to keep food separate from juices or moisture that might spoil the texture. These can be purchased in the same size as a steam table pan, and slide into the pan to create a separate holding room for food.

Keeping these important considerations in mind will help you make a purchase that you and your staff can be confident of. With confidence in their tools, your staff will be able to best serve customers, securing financial success for your restaurant. With customer success and satisfaction in mind, you can see how important even a seemingly small detail like a steam table pot is!

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Learn about new ways to dine at restaurants listed on the top restaurants list Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:10:53 +0000 Read moreLearn about new ways to dine at restaurants listed on the top restaurants list]]> Table reservations at your favorite restaurant are always a problem, right? Everyone in his life has gone through such an experience once or even more, while booking a table at any famous restaurant.

Metropolitan cities seem to be inundated with large crowds, which cannot be handled easily. This large crowd would rather go to a nearby restaurant for their meal than to return home to eat their meal.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales

This habit among modern people has been noticed by many restaurant owners and turned it into a thriving business. They have catered to these people’s tastes from time to time there is a requirement. However, this stunt has often been ridden with inconveniences such as restaurant ordering problems. This could be an excuse to spoil your dining atmosphere and you could be forced to leave your favorite restaurant. This is a consequence of large crowds and their choice of dining. People are known for dining at the best restaurants and they go through the list of top restaurants. So, they choose to select only the most extraordinary restaurants and don’t want to go for anything less than ideal to spend their lovely evening with their dear ones. This mentality is not so rare among the sophisticated, who spend their money on lavish meals. Hence, regular clashes for table reservations at famous restaurants over the weekend are a common scene.

How to Start a Restaurant

However, there are steps that many restaurant owners are taking to address this situation by considering new methods. The method that has successfully offered a solution to such a problem is the web. Now, to a greater extent, restaurant owners are offering their services online to allow convenience and flexibility for their clients. Customers can place restaurant orders in the span of a few minutes and choose their time preference for dining at the restaurant. This not only puts control in the hands of the client, but also gives them the convenience of ordering from the convenience of their home. The best feature of this method is undoubtedly the lack of clashes and confusion in reservations at famous restaurants.

This way, the requirement to go through the top restaurant lists proves to be efficient as you have the freedom to choose from an excellent list of restaurants without fear of arguments over table reservations. With effort and dedication, restaurant owners find ways to contact their clients for tips and feedback. And they review their loyal customers, who offer good advice. With the advent of technology, many restaurants now offer their clients the opportunity to order their food online as well. This means that you can plan your complete dining experience with delicious meals as well as online table reservations. This has been followed and encouraged by some enthusiastic restaurateurs from many cities. Undoubtedly, technology has forced people to become sluggish and take help in day to day tasks, but some modifications such as online reservation have stabilized the situation with convenience.

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Understand Providence Restaurant Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:09:53 +0000 Read moreUnderstand Providence Restaurant]]> In my previous post on how to evaluate a good Providence Restaurant, I examined the early phases of the dining experience. In this entry I’ll cover an essential part of any restaurant: Its location.

In my previous post on how to evaluate a good Providence Restaurant, I examined the early phases of the dining experience. I cover everything from the importance of a good restaurant name to various types of desserts. I proceed to discuss the importance of fast service, excellent bread quality and the way the server cleans your dishes. In addition, I discuss food presentation and how symmetry, plate style and a creative eye are necessary when serving dishes to make them look delicious. In this entry I’ll cover an essential part of any restaurant: Its location.

What is the best restaurant in Providence RI?

The location of the restaurant plays a tremendous role in whether it will end up being a success or fall by the wayside like so many others. Even the tastiest of restaurants won’t be able to attract customers when they’re located in a bad part of town. This is because the kind of people who generally go out to eat at fancy restaurants usually don’t want to venture into any area they deem potentially dangerous. However, many people who are kind and considered hip, are known for moving to new areas that are soft and make them “cool”. How is this relevant? This is relevant because if a restaurateur is able to accurately predict that a particular neighborhood at the top becomes soft, he or she can open a restaurant there ahead of the inevitable package of high-class socialites who will move to newly “refurbished” areas. Having a foresight is essential when choosing a location for Providence Restaurant.

Providence Restaurants

For example, as a result of the restaurateur’s precision mentioned above, he has just managed to achieve two very important aspects of any restaurant opening process. First of all, it can buy their location for the bargain price associated with a low-income neighborhood while the gentrification process will exponentially increase the value of the building. Second, but certainly no less important than the first, this new restaurant is now opening in a new “cool” neighborhood, ensuring that it will be located in an area well traveled by people with disposable incomes and a keen interest in fancy food. The success of the rest of the opening process is up to the chefs and general managers. Chefs must ensure that their menus cater to the tastes of their rich demographic.

General managers must be diligent about implementing policies that demand the highest levels of training and service from their employees. Of course luck also plays a big part in how these things work but it’s a harder thing to measure. When all of these factors come together, you are left with what is sure to be a fantastic dining experience. Stay tuned for my next entry in a rant about restaurants that provide. Next time I will go into more detail about how restaurants are run and discuss the differences between chains and family owned restaurants.

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Odessa nightlife: clubs and restaurants. Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:04:03 +0000 Read moreOdessa nightlife: clubs and restaurants.]]> Odessa Restaurants: Zakarpatskaya Kolyba Restaurant

32 Fontanskaja Street. Fountain District. Odessa Ukraine
«Kolyba» is a restaurant for people who want not only to have fun, but also to be good to eat. In the menu of this Odessa restaurant you will find dishes not only the Ukrainian national kitchen, but also a refined traditional European kitchen. A rich choice of various dishes will satisfy not only any taste, but also any wallet.

The old-fashioned style of the restaurant suits all modern requirements: banquet menu (possibility to serve up to 120 landing seats), live music, halls for corporate acts, eminars, buffet tables, weddings and children’s holidays.

Odessa nightlife: “Flamant” Restaurant

31 Zhukovskogo Street. Odessa in the city center.

The restaurant concept is beer. The restaurant offers diners at the same time a fine assortment of beers and a fine kitchen.

The restaurant always offers snacks for beer, as well as adequate dinners and dinners. Visitors have the possibility to become acquainted with the restaurant’s varied kitchens, to try a business lunch. In a restaurant building there are three halls: the first hall has a capacity of up to 39 people, the second hall – a capacity of up to 18 people, the third hall – a capacity of up to 45 people, in every corner and every interior detail an atmosphere of comfort and comfort reigns. The facilities are stylishly decorated, creating interior zones for fans of various types of rest.

Night Life of Odessa: “Rush hour” restaurant

1 Genoa Str. Arcadia District Odessa Ukraine.

“Rush hour” is a restaurant Odessa is now more than 15 years old with its own collective farm, where birds and fish are grown to prepare visitors to this restaurant.

The highlight of our restaurant is the “Tino” family wine, which is made in a vineyard located in the “Nizdnestrovskiy” nature reserve region. The unique land and the combination of sea and steppe air give the wine a unique aroma and taste where you will feel the intense flowering; easy sea breeze is also subtle. We suggest you taste dry red wines: Merlo, Cabernet, and white wines: Char finish and Traminer. Extensive menu, excellent wine card, talented head chef, cooking meat and fish dishes, homage to Odessa tradition, creative desserts, cozy place – Odessa resort zone, Arcadia Beach area.

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Using Your Restaurant Space Creatively Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:03:17 +0000 Read moreUsing Your Restaurant Space Creatively]]> If you’ve been looking for ways to bring more money into your restaurant or small diner, thinking outside the box can give you the answer. Having a slower economy, it’s a good idea to try new things to bring more business to your restaurant. If you are willing there are several ways that you can increase the number of people visiting your establishment, especially on slower days.

Environmental impacts of food production

If you’ve been looking for ways to bring more money into your restaurant or small diner, thinking outside the box can give you the answer. Having a slower economy, it’s a good idea to try new things to bring more business to your restaurant. If you are willing there are several ways that you can increase the number of people visiting your establishment, especially on slower days.

One easy thing you can do is start a club or social mixer for those slow nights of your business. You can contact the party planner and let them know they have other options for their clients. You can even contact caterers and salespeople to let them know you have space available for meetings, parties and reception. There are many clubs that need space and having the ability to serve food and drinks when meeting is a plus.

It is ideal for small groups.

Having a social evening in a restaurant off night will really suit your business because you already have a table. If this is something you do regularly, you can charge groups to meet in advance and include small entrees in the meeting price. This is a very good way to get a count of the number of people to come and it will also help you get an idea of ​​the income you will bring in for the night.

It’s important to remember that word of mouth is the best way for this news to get around. That’s why you’ll want to do what you can to encourage people to talk about your place and welcome them back. This can be done by always having a few items for your party that come regularly.

You can use promotional products as souvenirs that you offer to your regular customers. If your customers do things like have lectures, discussions, or the like, you can provide writing pads and pens with your company information about them. There are several other things you can provide your customers with. A coffee cup, key chain, or even a drinking glass will go a long way in getting your company the extra attention it deserves.

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