Odessa nightlife: clubs and restaurants.

Odessa Restaurants: Zakarpatskaya Kolyba Restaurant

32 Fontanskaja Street. Fountain District. Odessa Ukraine
«Kolyba» is a restaurant for people who want not only to have fun, but also to be good to eat. In the menu of this Odessa restaurant you will find dishes not only the Ukrainian national kitchen, but also a refined traditional European kitchen. A rich choice of various dishes will satisfy not only any taste, but also any wallet.

The old-fashioned style of the restaurant suits all modern requirements: banquet menu (possibility to serve up to 120 landing seats), live music, halls for corporate acts, eminars, buffet tables, weddings and children’s holidays.

Odessa nightlife: “Flamant” Restaurant

31 Zhukovskogo Street. Odessa in the city center.

The restaurant concept is beer. The restaurant offers diners at the same time a fine assortment of beers and a fine kitchen.

The restaurant always offers snacks for beer, as well as adequate dinners and dinners. Visitors have the possibility to become acquainted with the restaurant’s varied kitchens, to try a business lunch. In a restaurant building there are three halls: the first hall has a capacity of up to 39 people, the second hall – a capacity of up to 18 people, the third hall – a capacity of up to 45 people, in every corner and every interior detail an atmosphere of comfort and comfort reigns. The facilities are stylishly decorated, creating interior zones for fans of various types of rest.

Night Life of Odessa: “Rush hour” restaurant

1 Genoa Str. Arcadia District Odessa Ukraine.

“Rush hour” is a restaurant Odessa is now more than 15 years old with its own collective farm, where birds and fish are grown to prepare visitors to this restaurant.

The highlight of our restaurant is the “Tino” family wine, which is made in a vineyard located in the “Nizdnestrovskiy” nature reserve region. The unique land and the combination of sea and steppe air give the wine a unique aroma and taste where you will feel the intense flowering; easy sea breeze is also subtle. We suggest you taste dry red wines: Merlo, Cabernet, and white wines: Char finish and Traminer. Extensive menu, excellent wine card, talented head chef, cooking meat and fish dishes, homage to Odessa tradition, creative desserts, cozy place – Odessa resort zone, Arcadia Beach area.