Place your restaurant back on the map

If you are fed up of sloping sales at your restaurant then you need to be busy. If you have less money coming in then you won’t want to spend a lot on a big ad campaign. It is too expensive for an independent restaurant.

If you are fed up of sloping sales at your restaurant then you need to be busy. If you have less money coming in then you won’t want to spend a lot on a big ad campaign. It is too expensive for an independent restaurant. If you have complete confidence in the quality of your food and the attention of your staff then maybe you need to do something different to get noticed. You can use a promotional ad as a start and then dream up some fun, inexpensive ideas.

If your demographic that you are after belongs to the youngest population set then you can do some fun things that will appeal to them and moms. One idea is to have a small children’s area located in a safe place. Very visible and close to mother’s table. You could even have a table that chimes the kids reserved for families with small children. That way mothers can sit and chat while the children are playing. It can be like a fast food play area only fancier and smaller. Same idea. Keep the kids busy and close so mom can hand out in a nice place.

You must have company t-shirts for sale at your place.

If you have a cute restaurant then you need to have some equally cute promotional products to offer people. If people like your place, they’ll want to wear a shirt. You can have certain nights of the week on which to wear promotional items. If someone comes in wearing one of your shirts, or a hat then they get a free dessert with the meal. Give time constraints too so people arrive early for this.

Your next step to getting a new business might be getting a new look.

You don’t have to be crazy or anything, just a few things to make it look fresh. If your draft is tired or you don’t really have it then you can work on it. Make sure your exterior looks inviting and clean. Plants, herbs, and flowers will go a long way in making the exterior of your business look very attractive. Go with native plants and water wise for the easiest and least expensive maintenance.

If you have all of the ideas taken care of then maybe it’s time to reach out to the community. Good deeds create good publicity. You can open up your space for ward meetings. You can toy and drive food around the holidays too. You can sponsor a neighborhood clean-up day and arrange for people to come out and pick up the trash, if they put on your shirt and hat then you’ll get some good publicity too.

Food And Gaming Blocs In Mumbai

The proliferation of mobile food outlets in Mumbai has led to a concentration of cafes, snack bars, bakeries and fast food outlets within the city’s posh and commercial areas. In fact, Mumbai is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive dining and drinking establishments, which are available not only to locals but to visitors as well. Such eateries have a special clientele who flock in by the millions each year, and for this reason Mumbai has a flourishing, fast food sector. Most of these outlets are clustered around major traffic arteries like M.G. Road and Banjara Lake in central Mumbai.


These eating joints often come up with fancy names, but they serve the same purpose, which is to bring food and gambling to every doorstep in Mumbai. There is no dearth of these outlets, and their numbers have been on the rise in recent years, as have the eating habits of the city’s middle class. The proliferation of these outlets selling unhealthy products cluster at key arterial streets. These clusters form an important portion of the Mumbai’s retail food market. You will find all sorts of junk food outlets selling everything from chips and fries to burgers and pizzas crowding the avenues that surround these arterial roads.


Further than this, clusters of outlets selling food and gambling also proliferate at railway stations and bus depots. This is because people working at these places earn enough money that they need to purchase food and other commodities along with their lodging. Hence the sellers of fast food, liquor, cigarettes and other consumables move in together with the commuters, who use these stations to catch a quick bite to eat. There are many such examples of co-location of food and gambling that you can find in Mumbai. Feel free to check out to know more info.

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